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Forn Ca'n Nadal

Av. Juan Carlos I, 7, 07150, Andratx


Forn Ca'n Nadal bakery and pastry, fresh bread of the day, ensaimadas and pastry in Andratx.

Update 08/03/21. The Forn Ca'n Nadal is located on Avenida Juan Carlos I, No. 7, in the central part of the town of Andratx and near the enclosure of the church of Santa María. This historic bakery is located in an old Mallorcan house and has a cozy space to drink coffee and taste its delicious proposals.

The Forn Ca'n Nadal stands out for being one of the few bakeries in Mallorca that still uses the traditional wood oven and dates from 1872. Here you will find handmade bakery and pastry products, the authentic taste of Mallorca. Imagine the aroma and taste of hot bread of the day baked in a wood oven, a real pleasure.

World Ensaimada Contest. In 2020, Forn Ca'n Nadal was a finalist in the world ensaimadas contest.

"In Andratx bread, ensaimadas and fresh pastries of the day."

At Forn Ca'n Nadal we prepare all our products daily with the best ingredients. To prepare our cakes we use sponge cake to get more fluffy cakes. In all the processes of elaboration we take care of all the details so that the client enjoys the best flavor.

Some of the products you will find in Forn Ca'n Nadal:
• Bread. Majorcan bread. Organic bread from xeixa flour.
• Llonguets.
• Puff Pastry Tart With Fruits. (Specialty).
• Ensaimadas. (We have packages for travel).
• Croissants.
• Potato cake.
• Sponge cake.
• Cakes.
• Empanadas.
• Cocarrois.
• Vegetable and "trampó" cake.
• Snacks.

Cakes and ensaimadas on request. You can order personalised pies or ensaimadas for your special event.

"Delicious ensaimadas and pastry products in Andratx."

Enjoy the authentic flavor of the traditional bakery and pastry of Mallorca.

We are waiting for you at the Forn Ca'n Nadal!

• Open every day from 07:00h to 14:00h

SUMMER SCHEDULE. From July 1 to September 31.
• Open every day from 07:00h to 15:00h

Interview with Vicente, management of the Forn Ca'n Nadal

What experience do you have in the bakery and pastry industry? I have spent my entire life dedicated to this profession and always working with the same illusion.
What would you highlight about the Forn Ca'n Nadal? We work with a wood oven, in addition our products are made with butter base.
What would you recommend us to try? In the Forn Ca'n Nadal everything is delicious, both our bakery and pastry products, everything is fresh of the day.

How to arrive:

You will find us easily on Avenida Juan Carlos I, nº 7, in the central part of the town of Andratx and near the enclosure of the church of Santa María.

Close to Forn Ca'n Nadal

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