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Cala en Tugores

Cala en Tugores en Santanyí, Mallorca

Cala en Tugores, idyllic beach in a natural setting, Santanyí.

Update 14/02/23. Cala en Tugores beach is located 5.4 km from the town of Colonia de Sant Jordi on the south coast of Mallorca. It is a beach covered entirely by a thick mantle of "Posidonia", seaweed, due to the geography of the area. Cala en Tugores is a very little visited beach.

It highlights the shallow depth of its waters that alternate areas of sand, rocks and seaweed. During the summer it has little waves although it is not protected from the southwest wind. Near the shore of the beach in some points it is possible to find areas with sand although access to the sea is difficult. Around the beach there is abundant vegetation, low bushes and pine trees.

From Colonia de Sant Jordi bordering the coast there is a path that passes through Cala en Tugores beach and reaches the Ses Salines lighthouse. Along this route we find some very popular beaches such as Es Carbó or Es Cargol.

In the nearby towns of Colonia de Sant Jordi, Santanyí and Ses Salines, the wide gastronomic offer and small local shops stand out.

The closest beaches to Cala en Tugores are Es Cargol and Es Carbó.

"Cala en Tugores beach is located in a protected natural area."

• Sandy beach and algae.
• Length 200 m, width 5 m.
• Little swell in summer.
• The bottom of the sea is sand, rocks and algae.
• Beach in a natural environment.

• There are no water activities.
• It does not have hammocks and umbrellas.
• There are no showers.
• There is no lifeguard.
• It does not have access to the sea for the disabled.

"Cala en Tugores is a very quiet beach."

• There is no beach bar, the closest bar is in Colonia de Sant Jordi, 5.4 km away.
• No buildings can be seen from the beach.
• The practice of nudism on the beach is habitual.
• Low occupancy.
• Difficult accessibility due to its remoteness.
• Parking at 5.4 km in Colonia de Sant Jordi or 3.6 km at Ses Salines lighthouse.
• There is no public transport near the beach.

Other visits you can do near Cala en Tugores:
Near Cala en Tugores you can visit the Colonia de Sant Jordi market that is held every Wednesday. Other points of special interest are the nearby towns Ses Salines and Santnyí. Some of the most beautiful beaches within the municipality of Santanyí are Cala Llombards or Caló des Moro. It is also worth noting the wonderful views that you can get from the Ses Salines lighthouse. Other recommended visits near Cala en Tugores are the Mondragó Natural Park or the Visitor Center of the Cabrera National Park.

Links related to Cala en Tugores. See the links at the bottom of this page with important information of places of special interest near Cala en Tugores and our recommendations.

How to arrive:

Cala en Tugores is located in the extreme south of Mallorca, it can be reached from the town of Colonia de Sant Jordi, 5.4 km away, or from the Ses Salines lighthouse, 3.6 km away. A path that runs along the coast and connects both points passes through the beach of Cala en Tugores.

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Cala en Tugores en Santanyí, Mallorca

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