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Cala Nova

Playa Cala Nova en Mallorca
Playa Cala Nova en Mallorca

Cala Nova, small sandy beach, Cas Català.

Update 14/02/23. Cala Nova is located next to the marina in the town of Cas Català, San Agustín neighborhood, on the west coast of Mallorca. It is a small sandy beach next to the entrance jetty of the marina. The area where the Cala Nova beach is located is next to residential buildings and some hotels and has a significant influx of residents.

The Cala Nova beach is very well sheltered from the wind and waves. Access to the sea is gently sloping, ideal for families with children, and its seabed consists of sand and gravel. In the surroundings of the beach there are several pine trees that provide pleasant shade in summer. From the beach in the distance you can see the west dock of the port of Palma.

In the town of Cas Català where the Cala Nova beach is located, the marina that houses the Escola Nacional de Vela stands out. In this area we find various cafes, restaurants and small local shops.

The closest beaches to Cala Nova are Cala Major beach and Buguenvíl • lia beach, both in the municipality of Calvià.

"Cala Nova is a beach frequented mainly by residents."

• Sandy beach.
• Length 30m, width 10m.
• Little swell in summer.
• The bottom of the sea is sand and gravel.
• Beach next to urban area.

• There are no water activities.
• It does not have hammocks and umbrellas.
• There are no showers.
• There is no lifeguard.
• It does not have access to the sea for the disabled.

"Cala Nova, ideal beach to enjoy its calm waters."

• There is no bar on the beach, the closest bar is 200 m away.
• Beach surrounded by urban landscape.
• Easy accessibility.
• Parking by the beach.
• There is public transport near the beach.

Other visits you can do near the Cala Nova beach:
Near the beach of Cala Nova you can visit the municipal market of Santa Catalina in the town of Palma. Other points of special interest are the nearby towns Portals Nous and Palmanova. Some of the most beautiful beaches within the municipality of Calvià are Cala Falcó and Playa del Mago. It is also worth noting the wonderful views that you can get from the west dike in Palma. Another recommended visit near the Cala Nova beach is the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation.

Links related to Cala Nova. See the links at the bottom of this page with important information of places of special interest near Cala Nova and our recommendations.

How to arrive:

Cala Nova beach is located 2 km from the Porto Pi neighborhood of Palma. Parking is easy nearby.

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Playa Cala Nova en Mallorca

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