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Es Coll Baix

Es Coll Baix, spectacular virgin beach in the municipality of Alcudia. It is made of small pebbles and sand, difficult to access and little frequented.

Update 13/04/20. Located in Alcudia Coll Baix is a highly scenic beach and bay with an underfoot carpet of fine pebbles and sand. Located far from urban centres here is nature in its virgin best.

Usually it is very quiet. Only at weekends and during the high peak holiday months of July and August does it experience a high volume of visitors. This is an area set aside for a common practice nudismo. You can do your own translating.

During days of low turnout don't be surprised at the interest shown in the location by tourists or the interest they arouse. Here there are no services as it is distant from the built-up communities.

Plan ahead and bring with you everything you need to be comfortable for your day spent at this quite remote 'desert island' getaway. The sea is pristine clean and, due to the changing hues of the skies and reflection of the arboreal wonders of the island, expect to enjoy changing sea hues.

This rainbow world is at its best on the seabed. This is quite a paradise as is largely undisturbed. To derive the most joy from the seabed environment it is best to use flippers, goggles and snorkel. As the bay is open and facing the Mediterranean the sea can be a little heavy according to weather conditions further out at sea.

For landlubbers this bay has a significant dimensions. It is approximately 300 metres in length and in some sections 80 metres in breadth. Coll Baix is located in the lower mountainous area Cabo de Menorca, Cabo Pinar and la Victoria and bahía de Alcudia. This whole area is carpeted by forests.

The panorama is mountainous from where there are spectacular views to be enjoyed. As at la Atalaya de Alcudia, there are many paths for walkers such as the excursion to the cave Cabo de Menorca.

Coll Baix can be reached by sea from the port of Alcudia. In fact some tourist boats drop anchor for the trip takes just 20 minutes and the sea trip is deservedly popular. To travel overland is the preference of hikers and those of sturdy constitution.
Road conditions are good and are used by the entire walking and wheeled communities. Upon reaching Coll Baix be prepared to anchor your car and make your way by following the pathways to the beach. As there is a descent it is best to wear appropriate footwear and to carry only essentials.

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"Easily find in the main places of Mallorca"

How to arrive:

If you choose to go by sea, the tourist boats depart from Puerto de Alcudia and during the season run daily. If you wish to go overland, fine. Head for Alcudia and then follow the signs for Urbanización Bonaire and Mal Pas. These communities are to be negotiated as you go on your merry way via la Victoria.
As you arrive at Mal Pas you should take a right and continue straight ahead to the end of the asphalt road. Here the asphalt changes to natural dirt road status but it is in good condition and will bring you very close to the bay of your choice. This last stretch can be done easily by stretching your legs and going by foot. This will take you about 20-minutes.

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