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S'Illot, Alcudia

S'Illot. Pebble beach, 300m long, 15m wide, easy access, restaurant, medium occupation.

Update 13/04/20. Playa de s´Illot is located to the north of Mallorca and in the municipality of Alcudia. Here is a beautiful sea-washed bay set to a backdrop of a scattering of small boulders. For added scenic appeal it is close to an islet that may tempt you to pay a visit.

The cove offers a reasonable mixture of smooth sea-washed algae decorated boulders. If your intention is to relax in the sun or shade there here you have all you would need to satisfy yourself before you dig out your book or other distraction.

On the other hand you could settle for reading nature, not forgetting of course to read between the lines. The sea is invariable placid and inviting. Here is a safe and shallow bay so ideal for nervous swimmers and children of whom you often wish would be a little more cautious.

The more rumbustious of them will be calmed by the location and your nerves by the security it offers.The beach's water and seabed offers much appeal.
There are rocky areas that, having been shaped by wind and sea, offer a safe and attractive backdrop to your stay.

There is fauna and algae and engagingly many species of marine life, mostly fish. Yes, they like the beaches too. Furthermore, as the beach's popularity is well known you will have company. Worry not, you will also enjoy much elbow room. Did you remember to pack your brimmed hat, snorkel, goggles and camera. Good, this is the place for you.

You forgot to bring the picnic? Stuff happens. For those lacking foresight or the inclination to do so they will be 'are you being served' eateries ready to pander to your culinary whims.

Where to settle yourselves? No problem, there is a pleasing scattering of tables and benches that allow you to organise yourself just as you wish things to be.

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"Easily find in the main places of Mallorca"

How to arrive:

From Alcudia drive in the direction of Mal Pas and Bonaire. Your route will pass in front of the port nautical Crocodile (puerto náutico del Cocodrilo). Then, 2 km in the direction of Victoria you will find yourself at the bay. There is a fairly large parking area although this is often crowded on weekends.

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