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Santa Eugenia


Santa Eugenia, a town located in the central area of Mallorca.

Update 09/02/23. The town of Santa Eugenia is located 22 km from the capital Palma de Mallorca and situated between the towns of Santa Maria and Algaida. It is a small town of about 1,500 inhabitants who are known as Taujans.

Santa Eugenia has attributes worthy of mention. These being the Taujans (the locals); the Alqueries, the Olleries and the Coves. The land area is mainly flat but there are two small hills close to the village community known as the Puig de Santa Eugenia and Puig de Son Segui. Much of the Santa Eugenia terrain is covered by pine and oak woodlands. There is much scrub land present too.

The economy of Santa Eugenia is agricultural based; a way of life for as long as it has been populated. However, over recent decades much of the population's menfolk have been diverted from their agrarian callings to learning new skills as builders. This is largely due to tourist development and population increases on the island of Mallorca.

The village is known for its steep streets and flour mills. In the centre we find the Church of Santa Eugenia. This remarkable stone edifice dates from the Seventeenth Century and next to it the Town Hall is located.

The municipality of Santa Eugenia has been peopled since prehistoric times. The human presence has been documented through various archaeological sites which highlights the Rafal. Here we find a great Talaiot circular floor. Later, during the Islamic period, the area boasted the farmstead name of Ben-i-bizari. Later, during the medieval period it acquired its present name, Santa Eugenia. For centuries, Santa Eugenia was administratively under the direction of Santa Maria, which is a town very close by. In the nineteenth century Santa Eugenia finally became independent. It is noteworthy that this municipality possesses the only Jewish cemetery in Mallorca.

The important events of this town include its celebrated art and culinary livestock agricultural fair. The weekend marking fiesta takes place in April each year.

On the outskirts of the town, towards the Olleries, we find a set of five caves that mainly identify them with Santa Eugenia delegated statue of the Virgin of Lourdes.

Next to town there is the Natura Parc, a natural park of about 30,000m2 in area. Here are represented most of the Mallorcan wildlife species as well as animals brought from other lands. This inviting location is well maintained and there are many areas suitable for picnics.

How to arrive:

The easiest is to take the motorway from Palma towards Santa Maria and the exit for Santa Eugenia is to be found on the Ma-3040

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