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Ses Salines

localidad de Ses Salines en Mallorca
localidad de Ses Salines en Mallorca

Ses Salines, a town near the south coast of Mallorca.

Update 09/02/23. Ses Salines is an inland town near the south coast of the island. It is 51.6 km from Palma and 38 km from the town Manacor. In its vicinity we find the towns of Santanyi, Campos and Felanitx. The approximate population is of 5,200 inhabitants. The coastal town of Colonia de Sant Jordi belongs to the municipality of Ses Salines.

The municipality of Ses Salines is one of the most remote areas of Mallorca and its town is mainly residential. This town owes its name to the numerous salt flats found on its coastline. In addition to its salt production it is also known for its honey. This region is ideal for hiking with numerous itineraries that will allow you to enjoy its unique geography. Despite being a small town in Ses Salines you can find all the services; pharmacies, banks, bars, restaurants, etc.


Church of Sant Bartolomé. Located in the vicinity of the main square, dates from the early twentieth century.
Botanicactus. It is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe.
Talayotic settlement Ets Antigors. Talayotic settlement, had a wall that surrounded the settlement. Inside the enclosure highlights the Talayot Sa Talaia Joana.
The Cape of Ses Salines. It is the furhter south point of the island, here is the lighthouse of Ses Salines.
Cabrera National Park. Located about 20km from the coast. From the coastal town of Colonia de Sant Jordi in the municipality of Ses Salines we found daily boat trips to the island of Cabrera.


Weekly market. It is held every Thursday in the Plaza Major.
Sant Antoni. January 16 and 17. Bonfires, "Xeremies", musical choir, "dimonis" ...
Agriculture Fair. Local crafts, culture and music. It is celebrated in May.
Festivities of Sant Bartomeu. Celebrated during the month of August with a very broad program of activities; music, dance, culture, sports, etc.

How to arrive:

Ses Salines is 51.6 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca. From Palma or from the airport you must first go to the town of Campos on the Ma-19 highway. Finally the Ma-6040 road and then the Ma-6101 will take you to the town of Ses Salines.

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localidad de Ses Salines en Mallorca

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