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Colonia de Sant Jordi

The Colonia de Sant Jordi stands out for its spectacular beaches and its proximity to Cabrera.

Update 05/02/20. Colonia de Sant Jordi belongs to the Ses Salines municipality. Situated in the south-east of Mallorca it is celebrated for its beautiful beaches, yes, in the plural, and its impressive marina. Like elsewhere, Colonia de Sant Jordi existed for many centuries as a protected fishing community. This tradition is woven into the fabric of the town. Because of its charm, Colonia de Sant Jordi is popular with tourists from all over Europe.

The coast of Colonia de Sant Jordi enjoys a seascape of small islands situated just offshore. A wonderful place for you to have your camera or painting easel near to hand. The abundant and splendidly green vegetation contrasts remarkably well with the clear and sparkling Mediterranean waters of these delightful and inviting beaches. The beaches are notable despite Mallorca having so many appealing coastal temptations. The beaches thought to be the most inviting are Es Trenc, Es Dolç and Es Carbó. These are extensive so plenty of space to enjoy yourselves without impeding on others.

The archipelago of Cabrera is near the town of Colonia de Sant Jordi and every day from its marina there are boats to visit this natural park.

Just 3 kilometres from Colonia de Sant Jordi is waiting to be discovered el Balneario de Sant Joan Font Santa. Here to also be enjoyed are the only natural hot springs on the island of Mallorca.

Steeped in history there is much for wish to meander through times past. Notably are the pre-historic monuments: Talaia Joana and the Talaiots of Na Mera, Es Mitja Gran, Els Antigors. Of great interest too is the fortress building of the fifteenth century known as S'Estany. The ancient watchtowers of the XIV century fortified buildings of S'Avall and Barbarà ca'n are adjacent to the Parish Church.

How to arrive:

The town of La Colonia de Sant Jordi is located at the south of Mallorca. In its vicinity we find the towns of Campos and Santanyí. You can access Colonia de Sant Jordi from Campos on the Ma-6040 road and from Santanyí on the Ma-6100.

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