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Fiesta Moros y Cristianos en Pollensa

Update 11/01/20. Festival Moors and Christians in Pollensa, commemoration of the battle of 1550 in which the Christians defeated the pirates of Dragut.

The festivities of Pollensa are one of the most famous and spectacular in Mallorca. They are celebrated from July 26 to August 2. During these dates Pollensa receives great multitude of visitors. August 2, the last day of the festival, is when the most outstanding acts are celebrated. Thousands of people gather to remember the battle of the year 1550. In that battle the Christians led by Juan Mas beat the pirates of Dragut.

These are colourful festivals, passionate feelings and, of course, history. During the acts of the festival there are very emotional moments. The visitor goes back in time and remembers with passion what happened 5 centuries ago.

On the night of August 1, Pollensa receives thousands of visits. People are concentrated in the different squares of the town where there are music concerts. The first act of the battle takes place at 05:00 in the morning in the Plaza Mayor. Pollensa's music band plays the traditional hymn "l'Alborada". At that moment the joy of the people is transformed into silence and admiration.

During the night people drink the traditional "mesclat" a mixture of liquors typical of the area. After the whole night of partying, at 11:00 a.m. on the morning of August 2, the mass is celebrated in honour of the patron saint Mare de Deu del Angels. Then "Els Cossiers" young people dressed in clothes and jewellery of great value, will dance traditional dances.

The most awaited moment for all arrives at 7:00 pm with the simulation of the battle between Moors and Christians. The stage is the Plaza de la Almoina where the encounter between the Christian Juan Mas and the Pirate Dragut is represented. At that moment Joan Mas out loud speaks to the people and to the sky saying; Virgin of Los Angeles, help us, people from Pollensa, get up, the pirates are here. Then the impressive battle begins.

As the battle progresses, the Christians get the Moors back to the church of Sant Jordi. In this act the liberation of the women and children who were prisoners in the church is represented. Finally the battle arrives at the soccer field where the last confrontation takes place. All the people equipped with sticks will fight against pirates equipped with swords. The will and desperation of the people will defeat the Moors and the leader of the Christians, Juan Mas, will take the enemy's flag. The people celebrating the victory go to the church where they will sing the "Tedeum" and the "Puix Patrona". The celebration will close with the interpretation again of "l'Alborada" and the "Visca Pollen├ža" and the fireworks.

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How to arrive:

Pollensa is located 8 km from the north coast of Mallorca, near the town of Puerto de Pollensa and Alcudia. Mallorca travel guide

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