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The Caves of Campanet


The Caves of Campanet, interview with María Eleonor, managing director.

Update 14/02/23. We spent an afternoon at the idyllic Caves of Campanet accompanied by María Eleonor. She has guided us in the visit and has given us numerous details about the caves. A magnificent afternoon in which we have not only enjoyed the beauty of the caves but also the calm of the surroundings and of course the sympathy of María Eleonor.

In what year were the caves of Campanet discovered? 1945
How were they discovered? They were discovered by a shepherd when widening a small hole through which a current of air came out, he was looking for water and discovered the caves.
Were there important findings inside the caves? Traces of Myotragus balearicus, a prehistoric mammal extinct 4,000 years ago, were found. In the caves we also find an endemic species of carnivorous blind beetle, Chthonius campaneti.
Are research works carried out on the caves? Yes, for this we collaborate actively with the University of the Balearic Islands and we are part of the ACTE, association of tourist caves of Spain.
From what year were they opened to the public? 2 years after being discovered, since 1948.
Whose initiative was it to open them to the public? It was a private initiative by Tomeu Xineta.

Are they open all year? Yes, every day of the year, including festivities.
What is its conservation status? Very good, from the first moment they were discovered, measures were taken for their conservation.
What surface do they have? They have an area of 3.200m2 and the length of the route is 600 meters, the visit inside is about 40 minutes.
What is the highest height inside the caves? In the romantic chamber the height is up to 25 meters.
Are all the caves shown to the public? They are shown almost in their entirety, there are very few inaccessible spaces.
How much time does it take to develop the formations inside? Stalactites are formed from top to bottom and grow 1 to 2 centimeters every 100 years. The stalagmites form from bottom to top and grow 0.5 centimeter every 1,000 years.

What temperature is inside? The temperature inside is constant and oscillates between 20 and 22 degrees
Are photographs allowed? No photographs are allowed inside but if anyone is interested in having pictures of the caves we send them by email.
Any famous person who visited them? They are many but what I would highlight is that scenes of films, video clips and advertising spots have been recorded in it.
What facilities do we find in the area? There is a small shop where visitors can buy souvenirs from the caves and a magnificent bar-restaurant.
Any recommendations? Plan the visit to enjoy not only the caves but the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings with its spectacular views of the Sierra de Tramuntana. From the terrace of the restaurant you can watch the sunset while you savor our specialties in fresh meat and fish grilled.

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