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Online Menu for your bar or restaurant

Think about your clients and choose the best Online Menu for your bar or restaurant

Order your Online Restaurant Menu here:
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A picture is worth a thousand words, see here an example of our Online Restaurant Menu.

What is an Online Restaurant Menu?
It is an online menu with the food and drink of the restaurant which can be seen on the mobile simply by scanning a QR code located on each table.
Are all Online Restaurant Menus the same?
Not all Online Restaurant Menus are the same, it is very important to choose an online menu that is easy to use for the client. Satisfied clients are your best marketing agents.
What are the main advantages of our online Restaurant Menu Compared to other options?
The ease of use and quality. It is not a PDF document that must be enlarged, moved or reduced to see the content, nor an APP that must be downloaded. It is programmed to move quickly through the menu and see all the dishes or drinks of the restaurant clearly.

• Direct access with QR code without the need to download any APP.
• It is easier for the customer to use than a PDF restaurant menu.
• All restaurant menus in one; dishes, desserts, drinks, cocktails, wines, etc.
• Editable restaurant menu; throughout the year you can modify prices, activate or deactivate dishes, add photographs ...
• Allergen details for each dish.
• Change language with just one click.
• Function for bookings.
• Restaurant logo.
• It can be shared by whatsapp, messenger, social networks ...

See here some of our clients who already enjoy our Online Restaurant Menu:

Have the best Online Menu for your bar or restaurant right now.

Will people easily get used to online restaurant menus?
Now it is a necessity but an Online Restaurant Menu offers many more advantages than the traditional restaurant menu. The use of new technologies never goes backwards and if the Online Menu is well designed it is more practical for both the customer and the restaurant and infinitely cheaper than traditional paper menus.

Our company is specialized in online products and marketing and we have been working with the service sector for more than 10 years. Many of our clients are bars and restaurants and we know the market trends well.

If you are looking for a quality Online Menu for your bar or restaurant, we are sure that our product is one of the best options. Our team will take care of everything and in a short time you will have the best Online Restaurant Menu for your clients.

Order your Online Restaurant Menu here:
WhatsApp: 690 177 349
Telephone: 667 682 569

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