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Son Fred Talayot


Son Fred Talayot, stands out for its large size and its good state of preservation.

Update 12/02/23. The Son Fred Talayot is located in the municipality of Sencelles, about 2 km from the center of the town.

It is a prehistoric building built approximately 1000 years before Christ. The area where it is located is rustic and consists of small farmland formerly cultivated by the inhabitants of Sencelles.

" The Talayot of Son Fred is circular and has wide stone walls."

The Son Fred Talayot is a construction of large blocks of stone, has a circular shape and a large central column. It has a diameter of about 13 meters and about 5 meters in height.

The access to its interior is through a corridor in the shape of a zigzag and its walls are very wide. Its function is uncertain, it could be defensive or a symbol of power of the village leaders, other uses that could be assigned are warehouse or funerary building.

"The role of the Talayot of Son Fred is unknown."

In the municipality of Sencelles we find many points with archaeological remains and there is a well-marked route to visit them.

Other points of interest near the Son Fred Talayot are the Son Corro Sanctuary, the Puig and hermitage of Santa Magdalena, or the nearby towns of Inca or Costitx.

How to arrive:

The Son Fred Talayot is located just 2 km from the center of the town of Sencelles.

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