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Castle of Capdepera

Castle of Capdepera, in which the surrender of the Muslims of Menorca was signed.

Update 05/02/20. The Castle of Capdepera is a walled fortress. Situated in the northeast of Mallorca, Capdepera is set on a hill. From these heights you can clearly observe the surrounding vista, seascape, and the channel that separates the islands of Mallorca and its sister island, Menorca.

Capdepera has quite a history. Capdepera was pivotal during and after the exile of the remnants of earlier Muslim conquests. Capdepera was the setting for the signing of the Treaty settling the matter of Muslim occupation of Menorca.

The castle began life as a Muslim village for which protection required the building of a watchtower. With the passage of time a church was added. Later the walls were erected to protect the community from the Barbary pirates who lusted after European slaves.

In the late sixteenth century the population of the region lived inside this walled community. Again, for the same reason, exhibitions by the Moorish and Barbary pirates was a constant fear in the minds of the local peoples. There is still architectural evidence of this perennially anxious community.

During the 19th Century a flour mill was built inside what was once Muslim watchtower. Now we may glimpse the remains of several houses. We can also visit the governor's house. Here you will find an interesting museum of straw and esparto work. It is a great opportunity to learn more of the castle’s interesting history.

The entire setting has been the favored location for peoples of earlier troubled times. One can easily imagine the pitched battles, the cowering fearful peoples, and its medieval ambience. This atmosphere continues to haunt the community and stands testimony to time. As a bonus the setting provides spectacular views of the breathtaking vistas.

How to arrive:

You can go to the Capdepera Castle on foot from the center of the town of Capdepera where there are several parking areas

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