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Archaeological site of Son Fornés

Son Fornés archaeological site, has the largest talayot preserved in Mallorca.

Update 05/02/20. The Archaeological site of Son Fornés is situated about 2.5 km northwest of the town of Montuiri on km 4 of local road leading to Pina.

The point of interest, Talaiots (ancient ruins), was founded at the beginning of the Talayotic era about 900 BC. This is one of the most important prehistoric settlements of Mallorca.

There are two of these ruins in the Archaeological site of Son Fornés. One is considerably bigger than is the other. They are particularly well conserved because of the enduring climatic conditions of these Balearic Islands. The purpose of Talaiots was not dissimilar to that of later castles and fortresses. They were fortifications, a rallying point for the community and its warriors.
They were a place where the essentials of life, water and food could be stored. They were also places at which civic celebrations were held.

This village community was inhabited for over 1,000 years and at various times ranging from Talayotic to the medieval period. During those periods when it was inhabited there were several renovations carried out. There are to be seen several rooms added and used during the time of Roman occupation.

The Archaeological Museum of Son Fornés is in the Molí des Fraret. Originally a flour mill, this museum includes the archaeological remains and discovered artifacts of the Talaiot site. These help us to better picture the life of the village community during that period of pre-history

How to arrive:

In the town of Montuiri, the street that crosses the town called Carrer de Palma has the signposted detour that leads to the archaeological site of Son Fornés

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