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Krekovic Museum

Museo Krekovic en Mallorca

Krekovic Museum, the work of the famous painter where you can see his passion for Peru and his work on portraits.

Update 10/02/23. The Krekovic Museum is located in the Ciutat de Querétaro street, in front of the Krekovic Park and in the vicinity of the Congress Palace in the town of Palma.

The Krekovic Museum was opened in 1981 and is entirely dedicated to the work of the artist Kristian Krekovic although in some of its rooms you can also see temporary exhibitions.

"The Krekovic museum houses many works inspired by the culture of Peru."

Kristian Krekovic was born in 1901 in Croatia and studied art in Vienna and Paris. Since he was young he became very interested in the culture of Peru which led him to spend long periods in South America with his wife Sina.

Many of his works have been exhibited in different galleries in the United States and Europe. He gained special fame as a portraitist and many illustrious personalities were portrayed by Kristian Krekovic.

"The work exhibited in the Krekovic museum was donated to the Balearic community."

In 1960 he settled in Mallorca and in his last years he reflected the Spanish and Balearic culture in his works. He died in 1985 and his work was donated to the Balearic people.

The Krekovic Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of other renowned artists throughout the year.

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How to arrive:

The Krekovic Museum is located in front of the Krekovic Park on Ciutat de Querétaro Street. Area of Pologono de Llevant, near the New Convention Center of Palma.

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Museo Krekovic en Mallorca

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