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S'Escorxador, commercial complex and gastronomic market.

S'Escorxador is a commercial complex located in the Northern District of Palma, in the vicinity of the Blanquerna pedestrian promenade and the Balearic Coliseum, former bullring.

This commercial complex is located in the old slaughterhouse in Palma. The building dates from 1905 and was the winner of the first prize in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts of 1906. At the time the building was outside the urban core of the city.

S'Escorxador commercial complex combines leisure, commerce and services and in it we find:
• Supermarket
• Bars and restaurants
• Cinemas
• Cultural center
• Municipal library
• Clinic

In addition, S'Escorxador commercial complex has its own parking.

In the S'Escorxador commercial complex we also find the Gastronomic Market of San Juan with an area of 1300 meters. This gastronomic market has 18 points of sale with a great variety; from Japanese, Italian, Thai, Basque, etc., to Mallorcan specialties.

How to arrive:

S'Escorxador is located in the Northern District of Palma. The popular Blanquerna pedestrian street at its northern end connects with Paris Square where the S'Escorxador commercial complex is located.

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