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Tahona Santana - Holistic Body Therapy

Av. Alessandre Rossellò, 15, 07002, Palma de Mallorca


Tahona Santana - Holistic Bodywork & Massage Therapy in Palma de Mallorca.

Update 23/11/21. Tahona Santana is an accredited professional holistic bodywork therapist with a consultation room situated at Avenida Alessandre Rossellò, 15 in Palma.

With the Holistic Bodywork sessions, Tahona Santana helps you recover your health and well-being. Whether you are searching for “physical recovery” or “self-development”, she teaches you to improve your level of body attention, your breathing capacities and your level of relaxation. These are acquired through techniques of touch, through guided instructions and movement so that you can gain autonomy in your own process of healing. With the Massage Therapy sessions, Tahona Santana works on muscle and stress relieve to help you get to a state of deep relaxation and calm. "Your own healing is a powerful contribution to the healing of everyone."


Physical Recovery
Recover from physical symptoms that are causing you pain or limitations:
• Chronic Pain.
• Accidents and injuries.
• Headaches and migraines.
• Digestive issues.
• Back pain.
• Pre or post surgery recovery.
• Recover after giving birth.
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Personal Development:
Learn to stop behavioral patterns that limit you or cause you suffering:
• Dealing with emotions.
• Overreacting to situations.
• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• Struggling with relationships.
• Lacking self-esteem.
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Massage Therapy:
Enjoy a massage for muscle relief, improved circulation and deep relaxation:
• Sports.
• Relaxation.
• Depp tissue.
• Anti-stress.
• Facial reactivation & rejuvenation.
• Cranial.
• Feet / Footwork (reflexology).

Therapeutic vacations. Palma is the perfect location to combine your vacation with restoring and recovering your health, recentering and rebalancing. Under my direction my qualified team offers a range of therapies and practices to care of your-self while you enjoy your vacation (or work?) in Mallorca, whether you are alone or accompanied. We will happily help you choose the therapies and rhythm best suited for your aim and your timing.

Therapeutic withdrawals. Tahona Santana holds 4 therapeutic retreatsevery year at a beautiful finca in Mallorca. The all-inclusive program is tailored to your personal needs. Everything is designed around helping you recenter, rebalance and focus, while providing you with the tools to make a permanent step forward in your health and your life: acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, detox diet, group workshops such as Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness or Tai Chi... all in a very specific well-thought program that will make your retreat an unforgettable one.

"Improve your well-being - Tahona Santana, Palma"

Tahona Santana is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

If you are unsure if Tahona Santana - Holistic Bodywork & Massage Therapy is what you need, no worries, the first consultation meeting is free of charge.

For specific treatments of « massage therapy » or regular processes of « physical recovery » or « personal development » Tahona Santana is looking forward to supporting you in your efforts to take care of your health and wellness.

I look forward to exploring with you how I can join your efforts to be a happy body!
Tahona Santana - Terapia Corporal Holística

• I am available from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (with appointment only, which can be arranged by email or whatsapp).

Interview with Tahona Santana, Holistic Body Therapy

What experience do you have in the world of Holistic Bodywork Therapy? After 4 years studies (and a total shift in my life) I obtained my International Diploma of the Grinberg Method - a somatic bodywork approach which teaches body awareness and reconnection to one-self through being a body, in order to achieve well-being and health. I have developed my profession in various countries since 2010 and continue learning, not only with the exciting work I do with my clients, but by continuing to participate in international training courses and in my own personal process.
What would you highlight about your work? What makes an important difference in my work (if compared, for example, to regular massage or even physiotherapy or osteopathy) is that the person has an active role in the sessions and in the process of recovering and creating a change. The client gains awareness to what is happening and the source of the suffering, and learns to stop reacting in a self-harming way to either pain or any other kind of trigger. I take the time to determine, together with the client, what is the real issue that needs to be addressed and what is the most fitting approach for that person. The processes of “physical recovery” and “personal development” are totally customized.
What would you recommend to take care of our health? I would suggest to pay attention to the breathing, which is crucial to health, well-being and every health process. watch video .

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How to arrive:

You will find me (only with appointment) at my care centre at Avd. Alessandre Rossellò, 15, Palma

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