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Joan Riutort, 7, 07190, Esporles


Artimanya7, upholstery, home decor and gift items in Esporles.

Update 09/06/20. The Artimanya7 store is located in the central Joan Riutort street, 7 in the town of Esporles, in front of the popular Passeig del Rei avenue where we also find most shops in this beautiful town.

In Artimanya7 you can see a wide variety of decorative items for the home, personal items and gift items, we also have a workshop for upholstery and clothing arrangements.

Artimanya7 is a store with soul, each of our items has been chosen especially for you, original items that you will only find in our Esporles store.

"In Artimanya7 of Esporles we have a workshop for upholstery and clothing arrangements"

Each of the items you will find in Artimanya7 has been personally chosen at trade fairs, they are very original items that will captivate you.

We highlight in Artimanya7 of Esporles:
Home Decor; wall clocks, lanterns, chandeliers, lamps, photo frames, shells, mobile pendants, cardboard and wooden boxes, net curtains, original auxiliary furniture ...
Personal and gift items; toiletry bags, notebooks, hats, umbrellas, Mallorcan baskets, fair trade bracelets ...
Haberdashery; sample of fabrics, threads, accessories ...
Arrangements of clothes.
Upholstery; upholstery for home and boats.
Toys; very special items that you will only find in Artimanya7

Also during the week we do sewing workshops, find out about the schedules in Artimaya7.

"Original gift and decoration items in Esporles"

If you want to make an original gift do not miss the opportunity to visit us, here you can choose from a large number of very special items.

We are waiting for you at Artimanya7!

• Open from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
• Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
• Wednesday afternoon closed and Sunday closed all day.

Interview with Isabel, management of Artimanya7.

Since when is the Artimanya7 store in Esporles? Since 2013 we run the Artimanya7 store.
What would you highlight about Artimanya7? We have a workshop to customize home textile items; curtains, covers, upholstery ...
What would you recommend? In addition to the workshop, our great variety of gift items, all these are very special pieces.

"Enjoy the interior of the island with the help of"

How to arrive:

You will easily find us in the central street Joan Riutort, 7 in the town of Esporles, in front of the popular Passeig del Rei avenue.

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