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The most important markets in Mallorca

Visit the most popular markets in Mallorca

Historically merchandise was very important in Mallorca due to its geographical location, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, strategic place between Africa and Europe or at the exit to the Atlantic.

Of course many years have passed but the island is still an attraction for millions of people who also visit some of the most important local markets in Mallorca.

The merchant spirit is still preserved and there are many vendors who every day go to a different location in Mallorca where local markets are held to sell their products.

We all like to browse the local markets, see numerous stalls with a variety of products. See how people walk and interact with sellers. And when the days are hot enjoy appetizing freshly picked fruit by local farmers.

Visiting the local markets when we are on vacation, allows us to see the customs and traditions of the place. See what are the most common foods of the area or their handmade products. It is a way to know more deeply the place we visit.

In Mallorca, the most important markets are not located only near tourist areas. In localities of the inner zone we find very popular markets like that of Sineu or that of Inca where even in winter they are visited by thousands of people.

In areas close to the coast, as in the case of Alcudia, Pollensa or Artá , their small local markets have experienced a very important growth. Formerly they were markets destined to the residents of the locality where the farmers of the zone sold their products. Currently they are one of the most popular markets in Mallorca with hundreds of stalls and a wide variety of items. In these markets the products of the field are never lacking but you can also find a multitude of gift items.

Local markets are held every day of the week in various locations in Mallorca. You can check our list of local markets to know which is the nearest market.

All markets in Mallorca have something special but to see some of the most representative here is a list of the most popular markets in Mallorca:

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