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Tips for cycling in Mallorca

Discover Mallorca by bicycle

If you have chosen to spend a few days cycling in Mallorca, we can anticipate that you will live a spectacular experience. Here we list some tips for the practice of cycling in Mallorca that can be of help.

In Mallorca you will find flat areas and others with important mountains with beautiful coastal landscapes. The main mountainous area is the Sierra de Tramuntana with more than 90km on roads and 10 mountains above 1,000 meters. In the flat area you will always have the option of adding small hills.

Autumn and spring are the main seasons for cycling in Mallorca with temperatures ranging between 12 and 20 degrees. January and February could also be good months for cycling, temperatures are somewhat lower but with the advantage of finding roads with less traffic.

Some tips for cycling in Mallorca that you can not ignore:

Reservations. The best dates for cycling are low season in Mallorca, but there are more and more cyclists who choose the island for their holidays. Our advice is to book the flight, hotel and bicycle in advance to avoid surprises.

Where do I stay? There are many hotels that have adapted to cycling tourism, so it is advisable to check the equipment and services offered by each hotel. Another interesting possibility in terms of accommodation are the holiday homes.

Rent or transport my bike? Renting a bicycle in Mallorca is simple and costs almost the same as transporting your bike. In Mallorca you will easily find quality bicycles and equipment. If you choose to transport your bike do not forget to do a good review before traveling to avoid surprises.

What equipment do I prepare? Be aware that in the autumn and spring seasons in Mallorca the weather is very changeable, a beautiful and sunny morning can end in an afternoon of rain and wind. It is necessary to transport equipment for all weather conditions and to check the weather forecasts.

Organize a good group of friends. It is important to choose well with whom to go on a route through Mallorca and if you can include someone who speaks Spanish, it will be very useful at stops and when asking for directions.

Train before going on vacation. It is important to get to Mallorca in good shape if you want to enjoy the beauty of the mountainous area, they are quite high with increases of 6 to 8%.

Plan the route. It is important to plan the route considering the flat area, the mountain area, the stops, the time of departure and the time of arrival. Even if you are going to use the gps or smart phone to follow the programmed route, it is advisable to carry a paper map. Tell someone the route you are going to do and the time of return.

Traffic regulations. Always respect the rules of the road, it is our main advice for the practice of cycling in Mallorca.

Rest days. Program some day of rest to recover your energy and take advantage of it doing some tourist visit, for example the old town of Palma.

Use the hotel facilities. It is tempting after a hard day of cycling to relax with friends having some beers but if you have chosen a hotel with swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc., find a moment to make use of these facilities, the next day you you will feel better

Descents. Mallorca is quite humid, even on days without rain most roads in the early morning are slippery, usually sections where the sun does not shine. Also in the Sierra de Tramuntana there are animals that can invade the road, mainly goats, extreme caution in the descents.

Cash. Always carry some cash, some rural bars do not accept cards.

Bike lane. Keep in mind if you ride a bike lane that is also used by skaters, runners, or inexperienced cyclists, it is important to pay attention to avoid accidents.

Lights. It is important to bring lights, in Mallorca there are several tunnels that require the use of them, besides it will be useful if you delay on the way back.

We hope that these tips for the practice of cycling in Mallorca will be useful for you. Here are several bicycle shops that can be useful if you want to rent a bicycle, if you need a repair or if you just need some equipment.

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