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Es Caló, Cabo Farrutx, excursion in Artà.

Es Caló, Cabo Farrutx Mallorca

Excursion Es Caló de Cabo Farrutx, from the town of Betlem. Distance 5 km, time 1:15h, low difficulty.

Update 09/02/23. View tour route

The excursion to Caló de Cabo Farrutx is suitable for any season of the year, it is on flat land, there is plenty of shade and borders the coast. If you choose to do it in summer you will have the possibility to enjoy the beautiful beaches along the route. The beach of Na Clara at the beginning of the tour and the beach located next to the fishing port already in Caló de Farrutx

Es Caló de Cabo Farrutx is located in the bay of Alcudia near the towns of Colonia de Sant Pere and Betlem. Es Caló is an old fishing port of small dimensions. Currently this port is in disuse.

The starting point is the small coastal town of Betlem. It is a residential area next to Colonia de Sant Pere where we can find some restaurants and some stores.

"The path from Betlem to Es Caló from Cabo Farrutx borders the coast among pine groves."

This excursion skirts the coast from Betlem to Es Caló de Cabo Farrutx. The path is very easy to follow and passes through some areas with pine trees that provide a pleasant shade on hot days. The trail can be made by all-terrain vehicles. The place is beautiful, it is of great scenic interest. This entire area is protected both maritime and forest.

From the road you can see some little coves with crystal clear waters like Na Clara beach. The contrast of colours that can be seen along the way is striking. The green colours of the forest, the browns and grays of the road and the blue of the sea attract our attention.

"In Es Caló de Cabo Farrutx you will find several coves with crystal clear waters."

We also highlight the presence of important mountains that add more attraction to this area. Here you will find different well-marked routes, such as the one that leads to the hermitage of Betlem.

In Es Caló de Cabo Farrutx you can enjoy its crystal clear waters. Its seabed is very beautiful with large meadows of posidonia, areas of sand and rocks.

The excursion to Cabo Farrutx is a excursion suitable for all ages from families with children to adults.

How to arrive:

From Colonia de Sant Pere you have to go to Betlem. At the end of the road that crosses Betlem you will see the road to Caló de Cabo Farrutx.

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