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Fonts Ufanes

Excursión a las Fonts Ufanes en Mallorca

Excursion to the Font Ufanes of Campanet. Distance 3.5 km, total time 1:00h, easy.

Update 10/02/23. This tour goes through the public field of Gabellí Petit located 2 km from the town of Campanet. The field has 50 hectares and was bought by Govern de les Illes Balears to preserve this environment.

Although the visit is especially attractive when the fountains have sprung up, any day of the year is perfect to visit this beautiful place. The path passes first between fields with carob and almond trees. Further on, you enter a very beautiful oak forest until you reach the area where the hydrogeological phenomenon occurs after days of heavy rain.

"After heavy rains it is when the Font Ufanes sprout."

The Font Ufanes were declared a natural monument in Campanet. It is a very unique phenomenon that occurs after intense rains in the Puig Tomir and surroundings.

The water from the subsoil violently gushes to the surface of the earth inside the beautiful holm oak forest of the field. The water forms a small stream and empties into the mouth of Sant Miquel torrent.

"A beautiful path runs through the area where the Font Ufanes are located."

In the farm we also find archaeological sites and some sample of old huts of coalmen typical of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The farm does not have a parking area but it is easy to park nearby. Near the Fonts Ufanes are the Caves of Campanet and the chapel of Sant Miquel.

Since the difficulty is minimal, this excursion is indicated for both young people and adults.

" the guide of Mallorca to organize your leisure time."

How to arrive:

The Ma-13 highway that connects the towns of Palma and Alcudia near Campanet has the exit to access the Ma-2132 road that leads directly to the field where the Fonts Ufanes are located.

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Excursión a las Fonts Ufanes en Mallorca

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