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Alaró Castle

Alaró Castle, from Es Verger in Alaró. Distiance 5.2km, time 1:45, easy.

The Castle of Alaró is a place worth visiting, for its scenic beauty, for the remains that are still preserved of this ancient fortification and for its extensive history in which key episodes have been written about the various towns that have inhabited Mallorca. It was built by the Christian people to defend themselves mainly from pirates during the Middle Ages which allowed them to resist for years the Muslim harassment that had invaded the island of Mallorca.

From its 822 meters you can see much of the island , from the bay of Palma de Mallorca to the bay of Alcudia and of course the beautiful Sierra de Tramuntana.

The Castle of Alaró is located right on the top of the mountain known as Puig d'Alaró, a mountain with very vertical walls and thick vegetation. Due to its location it was practically inaccessible to invaders. The Castle of Alaró was built for military purposes in the year 902 , later in the year 1622, an oratory was built next to it, years later it was used for religious purposes only.

Currently there is a shelter with rooms and it is possible to reserve to spend the night there.

At the foot of this mountain we find the town of Alaró, a small picturesque town very close to its castle and its sanctuary, where its inhabitants go to the mountain and meet in the sanctuary to celebrate an event with religious character on the first Sunday after Easter and the first Sunday of September.

There is a foundation that with the help of the government and the disinterested effort, mainly of the inhabitants of Alaró, help to make conservation improvements in the Castle of Alaró and its access.

How to arrive:

To access the Castle of Alaró you must first reach the town of Alaró. Leaving from Palma in the direction of Alcudia shortly before reaching Inca take the exit of Binissalem and Alaró. In the town of Alaró, going through the main street on the right, the direction to follow is indicated. You can go up by car to the middle of the mountain where there is a parking area and a restaurant called Es Verger , from here you must walk on a well-maintained forest path, in 45 minutes you will reach the castle.

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