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Na Clara


Na Clara, a cove of sand and pebbles located near the Colonia de Sant Pere in the municipality of Artá.

Update 02/02/23. Na Clara is a sandy bay and not unusually for the coastal region home to a scattering of sun bleached boulders of varying size. These have their own charm. Na Clara is in Artá It is next to Betlam urbanisation and the town of Colonia de San Pere.

Interestingly, something has to be the last, this is one of the last beaches in the Bay of Alcudia (bahía de Alcudia). A delightful region not too far distant from Cabo Farrutx and quite close to the Caló which is another stunning cove near the old fishing pier which has since been abandoned. Time marches on and leaves its victims to the sea winds and the sun.

On calm days, which are of course plentiful, the sea is placid. There is however an interesting natural phenomena. Here one sometimes experiences what is known as the 'Embat'. This is a unique coastal wind or stiff breeze that crops up usually about midday.

When you first set your eyes on the bay expect your heart rate to rise and your spirits with it. It is an idyllic semi-secluded spot. You found it, not so many others do so. Pay attention to the local coastal waters that can, according to the light available and time of day, change their hues.

The waters of this sublime bay are clear and shallow so they are safe for you to bask in. You won't be alone in Na Clara. This is the home of bountiful Sardinia marine life, which, after a little timidity, can be as curious about you as you are about them.

The place is very quiet simply because access is a little difficult and it is situated quite some distance from the watering holes that act as a magnet for tourists. If you are visiting this bay you will find that it is lengthy.

As you have made the effort you might consider making a day of it by visiting Es Calo. It can be accessed along a dirt road or track that otherwise is used only by vehicles, like Jeeps, best suited to it.

How to arrive:

Accessing from Alcudia take the road following the signs for Artá. Once you arrive there you will see signs indicating Colonia de Sant Pere set in the bay of Alcudia. This same road takes you to Betlem, which is a compact urbanisation. Drive to the end, park up where it is convenient for you and others. Leave your vehicle to sunbathe. You can then go on foot for about five-minutes following the wide dirt lane. After several minutes you will spot the track that will lead you to the beach. Enjoy.

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