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Welcome to Mallorca!

If you plan to spend a few days in Mallorca, our wish is that you enjoy the best experience. The island of Mallorca will captivate you with its natural beauty, with its emblematic places and with its culture and traditions. In this guide of Mallorca we offer you tools so you can easily organize your visits.

And if you already live on the island, surely you have places to discover. If you want to live new experiences, visit that paradise beach that you have only seen in photography, find new places to go hiking, learn more about the culture and tradition, in this guide of Mallorca you will find countless proposals. We encourage you to browse this website, you will love it.

What is Mallorca like?

Mallorca is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, it is the main tourist center in Europe and one of the most important worldwide, receives more than 10 million visits annually.

Mallorca has always been a reference as a holiday destination. In times of the Roman Empire Mallorca was the resting place of important personalities. Many years have passed and Mallorca continues to be the favourite destination of many travellers. In addition to the beauty of the island, the weather has a lot to do. More than 300 days of sunshine and temperatures above 25º for more than half of the year allow you to enjoy the island at all times.

Mallorca presents a perfect balance between the sea and the mountains, the coast and the interior. With 550 km of coastline there are countless beaches and coves where you can enjoy unforgettable moments. Its mountain landscapes with more than 10 peaks over 1,000m offer spectacular views.

In the interior and mountainous area we find small villages where you can hardly see the passage of time, real jewels surrounded by beautiful landscapes. On the coast the old fishing villages have become tourist resorts offering all leisure options to the visitor. About Palma, the capital, you will need several days to explore its many emblematic places.

It is also worth mentioning the delicious Mallorcan cuisine. Based on local produce from the countryside and the sea, it has countless traditional recipes. And to accompany any Mallorcan dish that better than to do it with local wine. Did you know that in Mallorca there are about 40 wine cellars? The climatic conditions are exceptional for the production of wine.

The culture is present in each locality of the island throughout the year with beautiful popular celebrations. In them music and traditional dances have their role. During the summer most coastal towns celebrate their festivities with a theme about fishing. On the other hand the interior towns do it about agriculture, livestock and handicrafts. And common to all are the "verbenas" with music and dance in which all the people participate.

"With the help of the guide of Mallorca you can move easily throughout the island."

We have visited every corner of Mallorca photographing and collecting information to show you how beautiful it is. During our visits, even knowing the island since childhood, we often run out of words contemplating such beautiful settings.

As you can see in the guide of Mallorca, every day of the week we suggest a visit and if you go to the main menu you can easily find the information you want. It will be very helpful to accept "share location" to see the nearest points.

"What to visit in Mallorca; beaches, towns, markets, excursions… "

In the first part of the Mallorca guide menu we show you tourist information about Mallorca. Here you will find details of all locations and beaches. About each location you open on the web, in addition to its information we show you other nearby visits so that you do not miss any point of special interest.

Local markets allow us to know the native product and traditional crafts. On this page you will also find information about the main markets of Mallorca, you can see which are the most popular and which are mainly aimed at residents.

Throughout the geography of Mallorca we find emblematic places, you can see them in the "Places to visit". And if you like to enjoy nature and sport, in the excursions section you will find options in all areas of Mallorca.

"What to do in Mallorca; accommodation, restaurants, shopping, leisure… "

During your visit to the island you may need to rent a vehicle, find accommodation, go shopping or choose some restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Mallorcan cuisine. And the sea? Do you feel like sailing through the beautiful coast of Mallorca? You will find all the information you need to complete your visits in the main menu and in the recommendations that we show you at the bottom of each page.

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