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Playa de Alcudia

Playa de Alcudia, the longest sandy beach in Mallorca with 7 km bordering the Bay of Alcudia.

Update 13/04/20. The beach at Puerto de Alcudia is on the north of the island and situated in the bahía de Alcudia. At 7 kilometres in length and up to 200 metres wide it is the longest and largest beach in Mallorca. Bahía de Alcudia borders the bahía de Alcudia from the marina of Puerto de Alcudia to Canpicafort .

A superb beach, it is a continuous ribbon of white sand set between the fauna of the region and of course the glistening Mediterranean. Because of its length those who like a challenge can seemingly walk to the horizon. There, you can peep over the horizon before returning to wherever the base you have decided on.

The sea swell is light to moderate and then becomes a little more subdued as one moves away from the Port of Alcudia towards Playas de Muro or Canpicafort. Moderate or low it does not present any danger but does increase the opportunity for fun in the waves.

The seabed is shallow and sandy so very safe for children. The sea itself is natural fresh and clean; the sea without the man-made additives. Relax, enjoy and watch the sea changing hue. To enhance the experience close one's eyes and open them a minute or so later.

Enjoy the special effects of changes in the atmosphere and light. There are plenty of services to keep you comfortable and refreshed. Here is your services menu: lifeguards, showers, hammocks, umbrellas, bars, restaurants.

To these can be added many support services relating to water sports and leisure. Very popular are windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, speed boats and cruises.

Playa de Alcudia is a beach that receives thousands of visitors daily. No worries, such is the generous expanse of sand there is little or no chance of you playing footsie with a stranger unless you have a mind to. Here there is ample room to spread yourself out.

The port of Alcudia is one of the main tourist areas of Mallorca and there are many multi-star hotels to cater for the constant flow of visitors to the island. Many of these hotels are located on the beach front.

However, such is the clever planting of large pines and palm trees that the hotels go largely unnoticed unless you are looking for one. Many visitors spend time here just to enjoy the atmosphere,

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"Easily find in the main places of Mallorca"

How to arrive:

If you are already on Mallorca you hardly need directions as Puerto de Alcudia is close and it is accessible. Follow the directions, park sensibly, enjoy.

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