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Playa de Sant Joan

Sant Joan beach. Sandy beach 200m long, 15m wide, easy access, restaurant available, high occupancy.

Update 13/04/20. Playa de Sant Joan in the town of Alcudia is in the residential area of Mal Pas. It is also where the Bay of Pollensa (bahía de Pollensa ) waits to be enjoyed and photographed. The small bay is a sandy cove about 250 meters in length and set along a somewhat circular route.

The sand is very fine. Access to the sea is by a gentle slope so easy enough for children or those who may be not enjoying the health that was once theirs. Here, the sea is often reflective of the environment, which results in shades of turquoise and green to delight the eye.

A natural setting, expect to find evidence of ages past in the coastal rocks and boulders, the natural fauna, including sea-life, that visitors find so ecologically satisfying.

The beach setting is adjacent to the residential area of Mal Pas. It is however almost out of sight and hidden by fauna. Their presence does not impose on the natural wildness of the locality. From here you can discern the Formentor area so this is a well recommended beach for you to discover and to enjoy.

You won't be alone out there. The beach and the locality are frequented by residents and tourists alike but it is a comfortable balance between visitors and nature, both seem to get on well enough.

There is a snack bar on the beach and for your added enjoyment or relaxation there are hammocks, parasols, a freshwater shower and lifeguard.

Playa de Sant Joan is located near Puerto del Cocodrilo. The port has a sailing school. Here, you will find those visitors who are attracted to small boats and children learning to sail.

The marina and port are perfect for those fascinated by working and pleasure craft, or learning the ropes if they aspire to command - well not quite an ocean liner. Here you find also those keen on surfing and the enjoyment of all water related sports and pleasure seeking.

Here there is an annual swimming marathon. It crosses the Bahía de Pollensa to Playa de Formentor and up to playa de Sant Joan. Not for the faint-hearted or those who are not in peak physical condition. The race covers 7 kilometres. It tells, what a sight the indefatigable heroes make as they finally reach terra firma.

The event is marked by a simultaneous town fiesta where are held concerts and musical entertainment. The effort that goes into the arranging, managing and in many cases attending the fiesta is largely vocal. However, there are many opportunities to enjoy those who can and will dance the light fantastic.

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"Easily find in the main places of Mallorca"

How to arrive:

From Alcudia take the road to Bonaire or Mal Pas. Upon arriving at the built-up area detour to the left and continue 500 metres further up. As you exit the urbanisation you will see a parking area where you can leave your car. From here you will not need directions. You have reached your heart's delight.

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